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Welcome here @dori!

You’ll find you’re not alone here - conveniently, even, the member @Mona who posted below you also just joined the Community and is also in relationship with someone struggling with substance use.


i’m here because i am in a relation with some one struggling with heroin addiction. i had my share of broken green promises.He had an 8 years of being clean before , but things changed after he got a divorce , he started abusing drugs again . after we met he said he want to change for he wants to commit. he was enrolled to detox center and managed to stay clean for 30 days then relapsed. Now he is acting distant saying i can not commit because i will ruin your life . he is pushing me away. i am not quite sure if i am able to handle this alone but i want to help him. I saw your website and felt that i am not alone and with shared experience things might change. thank you


Hi @Mona and welcome to Village, we’re so glad you’re here! You are certainly not alone and I love that you’re encouraged to make some positive changes! :yellow_heart:


Welcome here @Mona! No need to handle it alone - we’re so grateful you’ve joined this Community so we can share the weight! :relaxed:


Im here for support and to hear from others who have similar issues. My 25 year old son and 20 year old daughter they are addicts. My son’s drug of choice was alcohol and weed for a long time. His girlfriend and mother of his two kids 5 and 3 started abusing pills, after she was jobless and without money she started using heroin. Last year, in November I found out my son was also using heroin. Things got bad fast, no jobs, no place to live, trouble with the law and about 5 months ago their childrem got taken away by the state. I have physical custody. My son just finished a 30 day rehab program he might get to get supervised visits. My daughter has been in probation for over a year. She is not getting clean, I just found out she is taking prison instead of probation. I found PAL over a year ago. I also went to alanon. Right now I don’t have the time to go to support groups. Those programs helped me keep my insanity. I’m thankful for the time I got to go.


Hi Mona! I’ve been in a similar situation with my boyfriend who struggles with a cocaine addiction. Here for you if you need


Thanks for sharing @Catavila that’s a lot to hold, you’re a very strong woman and we’re here for you. You are among peers here <3 though each is unique I know some other members families sound similar to yours. Look forward to them chiming in too. Sending love.


This was a BIG week for our growing Community!

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Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! I’m here & happy to help.


Thank you for trusting this Community with your story @Catavila. In-person meetings may not be available to you right now and my hope is that you find comfort and sanity here. Things certainly feel lighter when shared. :hugs:


Welcome to everyone who recently joined. I have found an amazing online community of support for family members through this site and also helpful info on latest medication assisted treatments, such as suboxone, which is what my 24-year-old son is taking. We have found it very helpful that he has frequent check ins with a doctor who urges him to get regular counseling, and he is making progress in his life.


Welcome everyone!!! So glad you’re here! I’m the wife of a recovering addict and support coach for women looking to reconnect back to themselves. Feel free to tag me or message me any time!



I have been around addicts my entire life. I am dating an addict who is currently incarcerated, due to his addiction. I am here to learn ways to support him on his journey to recovery


We’re so grateful you found us @PerfectlyImperfect! I imagine you have so much wisdom to share here - and I hope you find the support you need. :hugs:


It’s been another big, beautiful week here at Village!

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If you haven’t yet, please take 5 minutes to:

  1. Say ‘hi!’ on this thread & tell us how the Community can best support you.
  2. Find one question that you feel comfortable to answer! Every question or answer added honestly makes this place a more valuable resource for all .

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! I’m here & happy to help!


Hi my name is detron and I am here to help with any questions… feel free to answer!!


That’s awesome @Detron - thank you! We’re delighted you’re here!


Hi everyone! I’m Marigold and I’m here to seek support and share my experiences with my mom who is a beautiful, caring woman, a former elementary school teacher, and an active alcoholic for 12+ years.
I’m always looking for ways to help her combat isolation, depression, and anxiety as well.
I have a younger sister, and lost an older sister to an overdose about 10 years ago. She also struggled with mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse. That was a lot of info :grimacing: In short: Hi! I’m very happy to be here with all of you.


Hello! My husband and I recently found out that my youngest stepson is addicted to opioids and meth. We are still shocked and bewildered. I found this resource on instagram. I’m happy to find an online community.


Thanks for sharing so honestly @Marigold! Hi, right back atcha! :wave: We are so happy you’re here.


Welcome @rosebud! You’ll find that you’re not alone, and there’s lots of support for you & your husband here. :relaxed: Take a look around for any questions you might be able to contribute to - and feel free to post your own anytime! No question too small, too big, too weird, too anything! We’re all learning together.