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Hello! My husband and I recently found out that my youngest stepson is addicted to opioids and meth. We are still shocked and bewildered. I found this resource on instagram. I’m happy to find an online community.


Thanks for sharing so honestly @Marigold! Hi, right back atcha! :wave: We are so happy you’re here.


Welcome @rosebud! You’ll find that you’re not alone, and there’s lots of support for you & your husband here. :relaxed: Take a look around for any questions you might be able to contribute to - and feel free to post your own anytime! No question too small, too big, too weird, too anything! We’re all learning together.


Thank you very much! Talking about it definitely helps. I’m going to take some time reading the different topics on this site.


Guys, every week we are grow grow growing! The more people who join us, the more valuable this resource becomes for everyone - so if you find this Community useful to you, please also invite your mom, sister, cousin, or coworker who is on a similar journey.

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How are you finding it so far @rosebud? How’s this week going so far?


Woo hoo! New faces!

Welcome everybody! I’m looking forward to seeing you around and learning how we can support you :slight_smile:



I’m Erica, the Village Coach here, hoping to use my personal and professional background in the field to help you all out and problem solve! I know when I was going through the worst times with my brothers addiction I would have greatly benefitted from a community of support which is why this place is so important to me. Hoping you can all find the magic I see in it! :yellow_heart::sparkles:


Hi… my husband is an addict, currently in jail. We have a 4yr old son. He’s been locked up for almost 6 weeks now. This is the first holiday season we are apart. He had been clean for 2 years and relapsed earlier this year. I’m hoping this is truly rock bottom for him because this is the end of our road. He knows this and sees it but without him being able to SHOW me it’s hard to believe his words just yet. This is so hard and our lil guy doesn’t understand at all. He believes his daddy is at work as I just don’t want him knowing.


Hi y’all! Maybe reading through some of these things will help calm my mind on those days when it needs it most… :blush:


Hey @Brennar14 how are things going so far this week?


Hi everyone, I’m Wiet, my husband is a alcoholic who goes between denial and wanting to change. In the last 2 years it’s got out of control… I’ve myself felt out of control, anxious and a bit lost about how to live with and be around my husband. We’ve got a beautiful newborn baby boy (9weeks old) now which has been pretty isolating and tough at times. I would love to learn how to reconnect with my husband despite the neverending rollercoster and support him find a way to be the best father he can be.


We hope so! What you’re thinking and feeling we’ve likely felt before so every share also helps us work through our feelings too. And, we always welcome to feedback on how we can make this safe space more useful so please don’t hesitate to share! (in the site feedback category :slight_smile: )


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Friends, we are NOT alone out here struggling to figure out how to care for a loved one who is battling substance use. Please, please, please take a look around the site to figure out where you can contribute your knowledge! Every single question and every single answer helps so that those who follow might have it just a little bit easier. Don’t let your struggle be in vain, okay!?

If you haven’t yet, take 28 seconds to say 'hi!" on this thread & tell us how the Community can best support you. We’re so grateful you’re here.


love this - i know the rollercoaster well :slight_smile: and also know it can get better <3 great to have you with us!


Hello to all new members, and welcome to a site that is encouraging and supports compassionate connection with our loved ones who struggle with addiction. I’m the mother of a 24-year-old who is on medication based treatment for a heroin addiction. I have been helped by attending meetings in San Antonio of Rise Recovery and also Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist-inspired path to recovery from addictions of all kinds (including recovery as part of the human condition).

Since starting on this journey with our son, I have learned that one of my grandparents was an active alcoholic and how that affected his family, including my mother, deeply. This is often a condition that is passed down by families. Something helpful I recently read is that “the pain continues through the generations until someone feels it” - feeling and also healing it. This is what I seek to do, now.

I know the holidays can be a time of crisis, and I hold each one of you in my warmest thoughts and prayers. You are not alone. So many people have been affected by addiction.


Hi! I am so happy to find a group where I can share about lessons I have learned and also a place to help me. My husband is a recovering alcoholic so we have more good days than bad.

I am most comfortable sharing about how I discovered myself when I removed myself from the disease. I used to stop living on his bad days. However this led to my own personal downward spiral. I am happy share all the good and bad so no one feels alone.

It is a hard road and sometimes our closest friends do not understand. So happy to have this community!


I’m here to find inner calm and would love to be in place where I can move with the ups and downs without such despair. I’ve been on my own recovery journey with al anon over the last year and has given me such insight to my own beliefs and need to control. It’s been so hard but a much needed lesson. So far this path has saved my marriage and want to continue down this road. I love what you said @Kelleyw17, I still find i stop living on the bad days. I would love to be in a better place within myself and with my husband - so we both dont feel alone everytime he falls off the wagon. It’s so draining and upsetting, sometimes a bit hard not to take it personally but I’m learning to detach with love.


Welcome @Kelleyw17! We’re super thankful for your willingness to share what you’ve learned and your openness to finding help for what you haven’t yet. Glad you’re here!!


Hey guys! Welcome. I’m excited to hear all the new input from everyone and see what new discussions evolve from it. I’ve found this community to be so so supportive, it has been an enormous stress relief for me and I’ve developed a better understanding of how to handle my own self care and my ever changing situation with my fiance who is recovering from heroine.