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Is someone you care about struggling with addiction?

Village is a place for friends & family, like you. Get the answers and support you need when someone you care about is struggling with addiction. We'll navigate the best path forward, together.

We'll be launching soon and we hope you'll join us.

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A different kind of Village…

For you, the friends and family

Unlike other services, Village is designed to support the friends and family of an individual struggling with substance use. “It takes a Village” to overcome addiction and friends and family make up that village, so we focus first on your needs.

Learn the necessary skills to support your loved one

Use the playbook to prepare for and cope with the new normal - access easy, actionable, evidence-based information.

Activate your support team

Through group chat, we’ll help you identify and grow your own support system so you don’t have to go at it alone.

Lean on trained specialists

Professional coaches help you find the path that works for you and your situation, there when you need them.

Why the Village?

We're in this together.

In America alone, 22 million people struggle with substance use disorders.

That's at least 22 million friends and families trying to figure out what to do, just like you.

Research shows that when friends and family use evidence-based practices to engage, we feel better, change is initiated, and problematic substance use is more likely to decrease.

We know what it’s like when a loved one is struggling with substance use.

We’re building what we wish existed when we first navigated this path - evidence-based knowledge, actionable skills and support you can count on.

But we can't build the Village without you. Join us.

Awesome! You will be the first to know of our launch.

It takes a village.
“The opposite of addiction is connection.”
- Johann Hari