What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [9.4.19-9.11.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

And remember, you never know how your share might help this week!


Worry: Came home last night to a drunk husband. Not his regular beginning of the week activity anymore and always get’s the hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge. He’s thrown up this morning, now I’m heading out for my day feeling uneasy. He has been coping so well, it’s frustrating and concerning to see the backslide.


Two years ago this week I was on the other side of the country with my son while my husband was detoxing from heroin at his parents’ house. He had refused to go to rehab again and insisted on detoxing his way. All he had was suboxone, marijuana, and music. Meanwhile, I had left because I couldn’t handle the lies anymore. I had no idea what I would be coming home to, but I just kept going one day at a time.

Two years later, today. A few slips along the way but we are the strongest we have ever been. Total WIN for sure. There is always hope. :pray:t4::sparkles::heartpulse:


Worry- It’s been almost a week of heavier than normal alcohol use and I feel kind of off (scattered, trouble focusing, down), despite implementing many different coping skills this week.

Win- In the midst of this use, we’ve been able to have two conversations about the need to seek professional help and the potential to include family members in these discussions moving forward. Having an action for me to take (researching therapists and other treatment options) makes me feel productive and hopeful.


Such a great and valuable share for this community - to see what’s possible - thank you @momentsandlight for continuing to shine your light on us :heartbeat:


Worry- I feel stuck in this process of loving an addict. He doesn’t seem to be putting in any effort after his relapse a month ago and I can’t keep seeing him do this.

Win- My family is so supportive and loving of me in this time of need. I’m grateful for them today.


My husband got really drunk on Monday night. Not fun to return home too. So have heaps of empathy for that feeling of things going forward and back, great to get some forward momentum in your conversations with him when things seem to be backsliding. Keep taking extra care of you too :heart:


Worry: he said drinking makes him more creative which helps with his work. he said drinking helps him go to sleep early. BUT when he’s drinking it’s the only time we fight, and he sleeps in, throws up in the morning. I’m sad to be back here. I have a cold and just want to stay at home and work from bed, but because of last night, right now that’s the last place I want to be.