What were/are your signs of self-healing?



It hit me this morning, that I am well on my route to self-love, self-fulfillment, and self-healing. For years, I was the one that “held the family together”. I put myself on the backburner while taking care of my newborn son (now toddler), addict husband, work, house, yadda yadda yadda. As you all know, this take an immense amount of energy and if anything wobbles the psudo-balance, everything could fall apart.

Back to this morning, I was baking a loaf of sourdough (I know right, how do I have the time? Oh right, I started taking care of myself and my interests have priority again), and I started experimenting!!! That means, that I feel safe enough to wobble that balance. And Boom! I realize that I am healing!

Please share your stories and how you recognized self-healing within yourself.


So nice @Awlee090 I love this thread thank you for sharing!

I can think of a lot of examples. Here are a few that came to mind first:

  1. Recognizing the emotional reactivity to a situation that in the past would have been a problem and now just highlights that we’re moving forward and I get to reprogram that anxiety. How far we’ve come!
  2. Not catching a slip, having him own up to it, and not freaking out. Just asking - how can I support you through this, what do you need?
  3. Discovering and pursuing my dreams relentlessly. Once he got back on even keel it was like I couldn’t stop with my desires, those which had effortlessly subsided for care of this loved one then, now only gave me more energy and passion for what I want and the drive to follow those intuitions.

Love to hear from everyone else here!