What is everyone getting up to for NYE?



Just wanted to see where all of you are at for your New Years plans? I’m trying to set up a stable and enjoyable life for my addict boyfriend. As much as I realize he has the problem with his behaviour and tendencies but I want to encourage a supportive environment for his recovery.
He is newly back on the wagon. This past year has been hell for me and him. I just want this year to be over with. But I do not want to foster a boring unenjoyable environment that may cause my boyfriend to go back to old forms of fun that includes his vices.
I have not stopped drinking completely but I have highly altered my behaviour around drinking since my boyfriend’s addictions devastated our relationship in October. Usually in the past New Years my boyfriend and I have spent together we drank heavily and did some coke. This is the environment our friends are in when partying. So not only am I not into the idea of doing something for New Years because I’m over 2018 but I also don’t want to be in that environment now. I do not want to nanny my boyfriend all night because he has lost my trust.
So I feel that my original plan to watch 200 cigarettes and order Chinese food is too boring. What have you guys got planned? Looking for cool last minute plans.


@EMM89 the best thing about New Years is that it’s a great time to make a change you’ve been wanting to make for a while! I think the best way to counteract slipping into the old routine is to get out somewhere new! Does your town put up a fireworks show for NYE? If so, this is a great thing you could do. Do you have any friends staying home for the holidays? Maybe see what they’re up to— I’m sure they’d be happy to have more people join! The more the merrier :slight_smile:


Watching a movie and ordering take-in sounds awesome!

(And I hear you… very different from years past.)

Here’s a brainstorm:

  • What about planning a hike for New Years Day?
  • Is there an ice skating rink near you? That could be romantic! :two_hearts:
  • Fireworks, like @ashleykm3 suggested?!
  • Pardon if it’s too personal - but what about planning/playing a racy game at home (“No Pants New Year”)?
  • Rent a last minute Airbnb or Hipcamp?

We are renting a bounce house for a bunch of our (adult) friends this New Years! Hope your guys decide on something fun tomorrow! (I’m still all in for your movie marathon & Chinese food idea.)


@katie I love your comments. Always so insightful. I especially like the recommendation for a no pants party :rofl:


What’d you guys get up to @EMM89!?


Love these suggestions! SO FUN!

@EMM89 I totally feel that NYE pressure! But the reality is, it’s just another night only with added expectation to “party hard”. Finding a way to have fun without the drugs and alcohol will wash away the worry of nannying him all night AND will be a great example of how to have fun sober moving forward.

I’m going to a quiet dinner with friends, just to get out of the house :slight_smile:!


I want to know too @EMM89 give us the details? :slight_smile:
I was with family, offline, and it was bliss. I 100% agree it’s super important to fill life with joy outside of substance use and I love your effort to do so. I need to do this more!