What benefit(s) do you get from an online versus in-person support group?


Online doesn’t necessarily need to be this Village Community - could be Reddit or a FB group, etc. In-person could be AlAnon/NarAnon or a church group or otherwise. What kind of support do you personally get from each? Or what kind of support do you wish you got? Do you prefer one over the other?


I’m just now reading through some of the topics in this online group and I believe it can be a great source of suggestions, encouragement, and release. I do wish there was an in person group in my area, but there’s not. We don’t even have any resources for the addicts that do want help. I wish I could do something to help that, but I can’t by myself.


this is a great question! for me, I am disabled and it helps so much to find people to connect with and resources online.


Hi @Shine so glad you’re here with us!