In recovery but having a craving


So my husband has been clean 45 days and doing awesome. The part that scares me is I teach school so have been off the summer with him. We’re together everyday, he doesn’t have a vehicle or money so while he’s clean, I’m terrified because I went back to work today. He told me this morning that he had an urge to use. I freaked out. We’ve been arguing now for almost 5 hours. What do I do? Help


I know it may be hard but take him telling you about these urges as a good thing. He probably told you because he is scared and doesn’t know how to handle it either. He may just need your support. Maybe if meetings work for him you two can go to a meeting together. Or sometimes doing a hobby or something fun to get his kind of the craving works. Good luck. I hope all goes well!


He actually told me tonight after the gym and things had calmed down between us, “just tell me shut the hell up. You’ve been doing so good, doing CrossFit, dieting, about to start school.”
So things are good again. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I’m glad you guys are doing better and congrats to both of you - it’s hard for everyone involved. @LexiNico is right - him telling you those urges is absolutely a good thing. It’s important for you to know his triggers and for him to know yours as well. Our moods and actions can often be taken the wrong way by our partners, and letting the other know what’s going on beneath the surface to explain some behaviors can be helpful in not taking things the wrong way. It helps avoid more negative reactions and ultimately, fights built on misunderstandings. Communication has been so so important to my and my husband’s recovery and marriage. Keep it up! :pray:t4::pray:t4: