How do I help after a detox?


Hi!!My boyfriend is currently in detox which I’m thrilled about. I dropped him off on Saturday night ( it’s Monday 4am now ). He called me yesterday before the blackout period telling me he was doing good and motivated and comfortable there so it made me extremely happy! I am his only support system . His family shut him out and his only other friend is also using. He knows he has to cut him off if he does not get clean though.
Anyway, he relies on his job, so after detox he will be coming home ( to my house ) and working again and agreed to outpatient or therapy once a week.
I wrote him a letter I’m mailing out this morning of all the reasons I’m proud of him and thankful for him, I think this will cheer him up and reassure him of all he is capable of :slight_smile:

I’m just SO SO HAPPY that he is still there, a few months ago I brought him to detox and the morning after I dropped him off he called me to eat him and I was naive and did.

I know he wants it, how can I help when he gets home? He knows already after work to come straight here, but is there anything else I can do? Maybe to make him comfortable ? What have you done for your significant other?

I made him a little gift bag of all his favorite candy and snacks and got vitamin water too for him which he loves :slight_smile: just wanna show him I’m proud of him

Thanks !!!


Hi @Stargirlxo thanks for your post! @erica and I will discuss this today in our IG Live at 5pm EST Monday August 16th - I hope you can join us live or watch the replay!
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Hi @Stargirlxo - it’s so great to hear your partner has gotten help. It’s been a couple of weeks since your original post… how are things going now?

That time after rehab felt very fragile and confusing in my home. Take it slow and know that recovery is not linear - it’s very scribbly and messy. Slips can and often do happen after rehab, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get back up and keep going. And please find time and support for your own recovery process. Loving someone in active addiction can be a traumatic experience, and it takes work to be able to build the trust in yourself to keep going.


@Stargirlxo direct link to our IG Live HERE let us know what you think <3