Your breaking point


I have been in an almost 4 year relationship with someone I thought I was going to marry. 1 year into our relationship I found out he was struggling with a drug addition (pain killers) because I love him I have stuck by his side as he has had moments of soberity but it’s been a lot of pain, frustration and hard times for me. He went to rehab in September and I was so happy thinking this was it he has changed but I just found out he did cocaine with his friends when watching football(He does weekly drug tests as part of his post rehab program) and then he lied to me about it until I found out. He said I should be proud of him because he “only did a little then recognized it was a mistake and should leave the situation”. He is a great manipulator. I made a boundary that if he did any drug or lies to me I would need to break. I think I need to tell him we need a break or maybe break up Bc I can’t keep living like this (cycle of drug and lying) it has affected my mental health so much and I have lost myself in it. I love him so much but I think I need to make a break. I’m just scared and sad to!