Would you invite your concerned friends and family also supporting your loved one through addiction to Village?



Building off of another question earlier today (about sharing your efforts to get support, with your loved one), would you invite other people involved in supporting your loved one who’s struggled or is struggling with addiction to Village? Or do you prefer to go it alone?


Always strength in numbers​:gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:


Thanks for your support @Joanne_Seeberger_Pan it means a lot - this road ain’t easy for any of us <3 sending love your way this Sunday!

Will you invite your friends and family? Or maybe just that one, you know there’s normally one :wink: :sunny:


I’ve invited my sister! :two_women_holding_hands:


I invited my entire family. The more the merrier! Now I just have to help them figure out how to log in when I’m not there to direct them :smile:


I shared it on Facebook and told my family about it, I’m hoping I got some hits from facebook


:pray: amazing! Let us know any feedback!


Amazing! Would love if they joined us! :raised_hands:


How do we invite them? Just give them the link?


Just sharing the link is a great way!

There’s also an invite function via your mail inbox - if you hit the little ‘envelope’ icon under your avatar profile icon in the top right.

Thanks so much!


If you use the invite function that @jane mentioned, it sends a direct link to their email that will make their signup process easier & more immediate!