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I think I get more aggrevated at people in my community than I do my addicted loved ones. So many of them shout out “Oh, we need to remember, pray for, and get help for our addicted.” But in the next breath just put them down about how they’ll spend their money on drugs & not food, care about their drugs more than their own family, if they cared they would stop…" Yet these people will not go to any educational meetings/resources to try to learn and understand what addiction does to a person, and yes, it is more important than eating to them and it takes over their lives. It iis the most mportant thing in their life. They don’t realize how easy it is to become addicted. It’s not a respector to age, income, education, religion, it can and doe happen to anybody. They will look as hard as they can away from someone they think uses drugs or alcohol rather than look at them and smile, say hi, say how are you today? Kind words, acknowledgement that they are a human being as well as anyone else can go a long way. I don’t get them morre than I don’t get my addicts.