Why didn’t he call?


Hello. I’m new here but all of your posts have really helped me out. Long story short me and my so have been together for almost five years. As his opioid addiction had gone on for two years I finally got him into treatment. He has been there about 35 days and I couldn’t be happier!!! I am just wracking my brain tonight because usually he calls me every day or night. But not today. So I am just wondering why? Is he ok? Or what is the reason he didn’t call. I know it sounds silly it’s jsut one night he didn’t call… but it’s really bothering me and yesterday he told me he would call me tonight.


@N20 This literally happened to me yesterday! My current partner is not in treatment but has been out of town for 2 weeks and calls me every night EXCEPT for last night.

I decided I was not going to worry about it, but instead assume the best: that he simply fell asleep.

I could have made up all sorts of reasons in my head about why he didn’t call, but I knew that would drive me crazy. So I just let it go and kept myself busy with my own stuff.

Turns out he did actually just fall asleep!

But even if it were some other reason, the point is that only YOU can decide whether you want to spend precious brain energy on worrying, or if you’d rather choose to assume the best and do something fun or relaxing for yourself. If something “bad” happened, you can trust that you will handle it when you learn more, but until then you get to choose if you will suffer or keep investing in your own happiness. :purple_heart:


Hi Nicole, I totally understand what you’re going through. After numerous experiences with detox and rehab facilities, I can tell you that the reason he didn’t call you, could be due to many different things. During one stay in rehab, I lost my phone privileges for a few days because the group I was sitting with was goofing around. It was a punishment. It can also just be that he missed his assigned phone call time. The phone sign up is a very serious thing in rehab. If he accidentally missed his time, its unlikely he’d be able to call you again. I’d give him a day or two, if he still hasn’t contacted you, you should be able to call the facility. Even if they don’t allow you to speak to him, you should be able to ask if he is okay.
I hope this helps and I’m so happy that he’s been there for 35 days. That’s an amazing thing!
Good Luck
Reach out if you need anything