Where do I go from here with his gambling addiction?



My husband is amazing in so many ways. just the best man. which makes it incredibly difficult that he is struggling with his gambling so much. I have paid off debts many times, and he has spent all of our money on gambling. we have two babies and it wrecked my soul that he could do this to us. I recently forced him to move out. i have tried separate accounts and it just results in him swiping my debit card. I feel heartbroken and scared to lose him. he says he wants help but has made almost no effort to get resources. I feel that I shouldn’t have to endure all of the trauma and also do everything to make sure he gets help he needs. I feel invalidated and that my struggle gets overlooked. I am not the one who put our kids at the bottom of the list when he stole our money and lost it all while i was working. so why should i have to suffer through it and also be expected to show mercy.


Hi @kuechly, I’m glad you found us here and thanks for your patience. As we’re growing we’re starting to gain more demand from people just like you, loving someone through gambling addiction and recovery. I myself have been learning more about the specific nuances related to this type of compulsive behavior and my husband had struggled with gambling in the past before I met him. Since it’s been a while I wanted to check in and see how things are going now?

he says he wants help but has made almost no effort to get resources.

Our course would definitely help you learn how to play your role most effectively in supporting the above objective. We have gambling recovery professionals in our network, such as recovery coaches and the like. The first step is getting that willingness to try on his part, and which you can play an influential role in with the right skills. In fact, we have our next Group Course starting soon, which I’d love to invite you to, and I hope you’ll consider joining us for it.

Also, I know in your previous post you mentioned that you feel invalidated. I just want to say from the whole community, many of us have felt that way, but you are not alone and your support in his recovery can be monumental. Sending <3