What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [7.24.19-7.31.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

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@jane Its been tough actually. While I’m happy that he is making the decision to taper off, I’m worried because he’s never been in recovery and not been on suboxone. This will be the first time not medically assisted. So making sure he still has a strong support network is key - a therapist, couples counseling, friends in recovery, and just keeping recovery a part of our everyday lives and conversation.

It’s also tough because seeing him take his meds has always been reassuring because I know he’s not using. He will no longer be going to his recovery center for meds and so they will no longer be providing random drug test results for me. So now I’m considering asking him if he’s ok with doing at home drug tests, but I also struggle with if i even want to do that. Tapering off has also brought small symptoms of withdrawal.

The conversation last night went well - I expressed my feelings and the causes of those feelings while letting him know I wasn’t accusing him of anything. It is just me still figuring out how to heal when triggers put me in protection mode. I still have a lot of healing left to do, and maybe will always be healing. These bad feelings will continue to cycle through as long as I’m married to a recovering addict and while that is terrifying it is also just something that I have to feel and let go every time. Maybe it will get easier. I hope so.


Thanks for sharing @momentsandlight - I just want to applaud both you and your husband for getting this far. It really is an inspiration to us all. The road can still be bumpy, but you are leading the way. Keep letting us know how it’s going, we can all benefit from your experience <3


Win: I went to my first AlAnon meeting yesterday and it was so nice to be in a room with people who understand what I’m going through. They gave me hope that I can help myself.

Worry: My boyfriend is going through a lot of personal issues while in active recovery. Family issues, financial issues, and currently on a bout of depression. It’s killing me that he is going through so much. I worry that these stressors and depression will cause him to relapse. Seeing him this way is killing me and I don’t know how to help.

Please send some advice or kind words my way.


I’ve been intimidated by Al-Anon groups so it’s nice to hear that you found it helpful! I’ve been enjoying that sense of connectedness from the Village weekly meetups so I can definitely understand the comfort of being seen and heard <3
I don’t have any words of advice but I’m sending lots of positive thoughts to you both.


That’s really great that you had a positive Al-Anon experience. The tools of Al-Anon have helped me so much. It took me a while to get on board but once I started reading the literature it all made sense. I think the most important thing I gained from Al-Anon was a spiritual connection, something I have never experienced. What a gift. Have you been back? Is it continuing to help? :pray:t4::sparkles:


Wins: I had a tough conversation with my husband this week and the positive communication tips really helped. It helped me to avoid nagging and kept the conversation on track. I also didn’t belabor the point, which is a huge personal win for me. Afterwards, I felt closer to my husband and even optimistic.

Worries: This week has been stressful and he hasn’t coped well. I’m worried that this will continue over the weekend, which makes things stressful and generally unenjoyable.


My partner reached the one year mark in his recovery. Feel so proud of him and us. He showed me that change and healing are possible.


AHmazing :slight_smile: congrats to you both - thank you for sharing <3


This is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for the share