What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [6.26.19-7.03.19]



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We got into a fight the other night. I was devastated during and after it, we actually never really fight…turns out he’d been drinking. Spent the next day hungover and in a funk. I’m worrying the stress is getting to him and I’m battling stress also to have enough space to hold calmness for him too.


Also just found out he’d drunk even more than I realized the night we got in a fight - so annoying because I had no idea and now I’m context it’s obvious why he was so emotional. Grrr.


After six months surviving from my husband’s addiction, tomorrow I’ll visit him. He called on Wednesday and said he’s staying for only 30 days. I realized nothing has really happened since he went to rehab. Hopefully, I fell better now because of my High Power but it seems everything will be the same.


Thanks for sharing @Lucimara - how long has he been in rehab so far and how long was he admitted for originally?


Only for 11 days, he has been to rehab so many times.


I was worried that he’d been using ketamine. He denied it, I checked his phone, it spiralled into an an enormous argument. He began drinking after 14 months of sobriety, attempted suicide, suspected continued use of ketamine. It’s all my fault because I checked his phone. He hates me so I can’t go near him to help, I’m having to stay at his brother’s. His brother got the police to him following suicide attempts, they took him to A&E, he had a mental health assessment and they sent him home. I don’t know what to do. There are no crisis services to help him, mental health won’t touch him as they see it as drug induced. We can’t have any productive conversations until he’s sober but he’s not intending on being sober any time soon. I don’t know what to do. His brother says he needs to hit rock bottom yet, but how much further can he go?


I here ya @louisecb I am not a fan of the - wait til they hit rockbottom approach. CRAFT skills help us take action now. Our digital meetup tonight is on the fundamental underlying principle of CRAFT which is all based on communication skills in relationships. This one will be very useful for what you mentioned above, I hope you’ll join us for it. RSVP HERE and we’ll talk soon <3