What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [6.12.19-6.19.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

And remember, you never know how your share might help this week!


Wins: My husband and I have had some really open conversations about his drinking this week and his motivations to change his behavior. It’s been very hopeful for me.

Worries: Just continuing to manage my expectations and remind myself that this is not a linear process but progress is progress, no matter how small.


Win- I spoke to my husband about his prolonged Suboxone use… years now. He first got defensive and disrespected me. Instead of flying off the handle, I spoke with concern for his health, because a good amount of Suboxone doctors will drag out the treatment plan for their monetary benefit. He then began to see my point of view, instead of shutting me out for judging him. He apologized and opened a channel for dialog instead of walking out on me. Yay!
Concerns- my husband and I have to unify still about having our son move out. (alcoholism) He has yet to speak with him after committing to do so last week. I don’t want our son to be stuck in a cycle because we can’t stand up for our boundaries. This has been my husband’s pattern for years. He does not enforce his boundaries with love. He waits, festers and becomes passive aggressive to our son, which begins another cycle of anger. I’m tired of being the enforcer with no support.