What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [5.29.19-6.5.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

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Worries: Feeling extremely down and low today. I’m not sure where this mood is coming from but hoping it goes away soon. My boyfriend was acting weird yesterday and it makes me feel like he may be using again. He’s still doing the suboxone program but I can’t tell what’s a side effect and what’s the result of using. It’s really hard to tell the difference. He’s still getting away with getting the suboxone without following their program and I really have a problem with that.

Wins: He asked me if I would go to a meeting with him this week so I’m glad he’s at least making plans to go to meetings and asking me to be a part of it.


How are you doing this week @Selfcare31? <3