What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [5.15.19-5.22.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

And remember, you never know how your share might help this week!


Worries: My husband had a scare with his pancreas over the weekend. It’s something that’s caused him a lot of pain in the past when his drinking has gotten overwhelming. Pancreatitis…apparently it’s a common thing in long-term alcoholics. Also, apparently it’s comparable to the pain of childbirth - yikes!

Wins: Pancreatitis scare has set my husband on a new track of not drinking…he’s scared of the pain. I’m glad!


Worries: My boyfriend has been distant since he started a suboxone program seems like he is going in and out of depression and anxiety and unfortunately it’s affecting me as I have been taking on the same depression and anxiety.

Wins: He’s been on suboxone for almost 3 weeks now and it was hard at first but all his side effects, mood swings, and symptoms are starting to subside and he’s starting to become his normal self again (very slowly!). He has been honest and communicative with me. I’ve been reminding him how much I love him and appreciate him for keeping me in the know always. He seems to really appreciate it because he’s been reciprocating by telling me he loves and appreciates me too.

Lots of ups and downs every week but I try my best to focus on the the ups!


I have set my boundary with my son. It doesn’t feel like a win because it is so painful. After 10 years of wrecked cars, broken neck, jail, a rehab, a wrecked motorcycle and recently a DWI with no desire to stop using, I have asked him to leave the home because my health is at stake. My blood pressure is unmanageable at the moment. At least he has a job. My other adult daughter wants to come home to refocus her life, she has lupus and isnt doing self care (recovering heroine plus+). I stood my boundary and told her I was dealing with my sons dismissal and could not handle her home for my health and asked her to find a shelter. It hurts so much. I understand I can not change them. My dynamic duo has been through hell for 10 yrs. All I can do is love myself, be kind and pray.


Really proud of you for setting a boundary to take care of your health. You can’t take care of them without taking care of yourself first.

Love this!! Love yourself, be kind, and pray. Thinking of you and wishing you healing and peace :heart_decoration:


@bean at this week’s meetup (Wednesday 22nd May 6pm EST) we’re talking personal boundaries and how to face resistance with our loved ones, sounds like you have wisdom to share with the group on this subject, we’d love you to join us for it - what do you think?
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