What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [11.14.19-11.20.19]



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I had to set a new boundary with my daughter last week for my own well-being. She’s been a heroin addict for 4 years. Her longest clean time has been 6 months. She is 23. The new boundary I set is that I will not have any kind of relationship with her when she is using and/or lying. She sometimes lies even when clean, about small things, and that has been the beginning of spirals that lead to using for every relapse. I told her this is difficult for me and that I love her and I’m not giving up on her.
My worry, however, is that she feels just that- that I’ve given up on her and I don’t love her. We’ve been riding this rollercoaster for years…treatment, healthy clear boundaries, no enabling, but nothing changes. So my husband I feel we have nothing left but to get out of her way entirely. The choice is completely up to her. Drugs or her family. We just “hope” she hears the love…? :pray:t3::heart: