What wins and worries are on your mind this week? [1.23.19-1.30.19]



What’s your current state of mind? Wins, Worries, this is the place to freely share what’s on your mind this week. We’d love to hear it!

And remember, you never know how your share might help this week! :slight_smile:


Win: Keeping my cool despite my husband finishing the bottle again…knowing that the best way to influence his inability to stop drinking once start is to support him in stressful times and open communications to explore his relationship and coping skills with it and the underlying stress over time.

Worry: I’m feeling a cold come on and really not wanting to succumb to it. Heading out to get juices and supplements and planning to find more rest and time to sleep tonight.


Win/worry: I’m recognizing this week how much I prefer to spend time with my dad in person vs on the phone. I can get really irritated with his phone communication, but when we’re together I’m much more empathetic. We can make eye contact and read body language and we laugh together! So I think I’m going to be better about getting dates on the calendar to visit him!


Ah! Sending you healing vibes from California! :sun_with_face:


Worry: he hasn’t paid his fines for probation, he is sick over 5 days with refusal to go to Dr, even when he now has benefits, and will he ever ever keep a clean room?! (Not sure why this is hill the he likes to stand on, yes keeping a yucky dirty room since he was a young adult and is now 28 - guess I’m standing on the hill for him to keep a clean room - thoughts?).

Worry: Saddened first experience of having my mom see son’s bad behavior to just asking for his room to be clean. Surprising and ugly outburst from a simple request and set boundary of living with us. This upset his grandmother who witness his child like behavior and response.

Win: I still care and love my son. I know that he is safe and sound. I used valued sentences, and continued to ask questions and make non judgmental statements, even when he continually does not respond well or responds like a “tween”. I was also able to let some of the bad juju of an argument go and felt okay after a day.


Curious @Marie_Marie - does he make his bed? What if you started there as a smaller action toward a clean room? Maybe then it might feel less overwhelming, or maybe one clean/tidy thing will inspire the rest of his room?


Worry: My boyfriend had a slip-up a couple weeks ago and it seems like he hasn’t been doing very much to get back on track. I am learning to let go of control and trust that he is doing what he needs to do to make sure he is getting himself on the right path.

Win: I just moved to Washington last year so making friends has been tough. I have been getting pretty close with one of my new friends here recently and it’s been a great way to distract myself from the anxiety I feel about my boyfriend and just share lots of laughter together.


Hi @katie and thanks for the suggestion and no he usually doesn’t make his bed or respond to small requests. YET listen to this @katie … last night he apologies to grams and this morning apologized to me giving each of us treats and the room ALL clean and tidy. We were so proud of him and told him so. He reported that he investigated his probation fines and found out what was happening and fixed and should be up to date paid! This is the first time I can remember in his 28 years of an apology on his own and making “nice nice” as well as accomplishing the task! So VERY Thankful today for this blessing and adult step by my son! What a YEAH moment!


Win: I started a second job recently that is working toward my future and getting into medical school.

Worry: Today I woke up with anxiety over the things my boyfriend did in addiction and how they did and still do affect me. But more so… my anxiety today has been fear of the possibility for him to relapse.

I’m trying to talk to him about it so he can help me through this angst. But he just tells me to not worry about the past or future. To stay center with the present. Which is easier said than done.


Amazing - making adult friends really is tough @Selfcare31! Glad you’re getting close with a new person & sharing laughter!