What topic would you like us to cover in our next Digital Meetup?



Here are some of the past topics:

1a. Positive Communication: How to have a conversation.
2a. Roadmap to Behavior Change Part I: How to decrease harmful use
3a. Roadmap to Behavior Change Part II: How to increase healthy behaviors
4a. Antidote to Enabling: Limits and natural consequences
5a. Treatment Options: Understanding from a CRAFT perspective

We can repeat / go deeper into one from above or dive into something new:

For example:
1b. Invitation to Treatment: The CRAFT method for asking a loved one to get help
2b. Motivational Techniques: How to use motivational tactics to collaborate
3b. You Are Here Self Care: How to look after ourselves and tolerate the journey
4b. Support For The Supporters: How to rally our own support team, to lighten the load

Or something completely different?


3b sounds lovely for me right now as my partner is just out of detox and going to meetings and I feel exhausted and having a multitude of feelings


1b. invitation to Treatment would be helpful for me


Thanks so much for sharing and weighing in! We’ll touch on this in this week’s meeting and cover in detail on June 19!

Hope you’ll join us this week, register here :slight_smile:


1B and 3B
seems interesting


Great choice @Lightworker, we’re doing it! This week, register HERE!


Thanks so much for all the great topics! Hope you’ll join us this week, we’ll go into depth on 1B register here :slight_smile:

We’ll touch on 3B in this week’s meeting and cover in detail on June 19!


how about how to deal with addicts who are at bay and not sure what their intentions are with you? how to deal with unclear intentions?


Why recovery is worth it… success stories


effective relating between normie and addicts… how to always maintain respect in relating with addicts


Such good topics :slight_smile: @kl1m <3