What to look for in a treatment program?



My husband has been slowly spiraling out of control for a couple months now, but everything came to a peak last night, and now we’re faced with what to do next. we haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and discuss it yet, but I have a feeling he is starting to consider a rehab centre (or as he put it, a “healing lodge”)–somewhere he can go and detox/ recover. I’m wondering what your experiences with various treatment centres are and what aspects are most important to consider? There are a lot of options out there, and I know not all are created equal. Thanks so much :heart:


Hi @Blondie - that’s great news that your husband is considering rehab, and that you have the time to look into a facility that will be the best fit. When my husband finally agreed to detox, I found that resources for how the process works were practically nonexistent. I had a very small window in which to find a place for him to detox, because I was so afraid he was going to change his mind at any moment and go use instead. Choices were limited to ERs and local rehabs only if they had a bed available. We finally ended up at an ER and he was admitted to that hospital’s rehab program. The treatment center there was fine - they administered suboxone, which was important for his recovery, and offered therapy, group counseling, AA meetings, and family visits. I got to meet with his counselor, which was important for me because I wanted to stay in the loop on his progress.

A couple of great books that I’ve read - Beyond Addiction by Jeffrey Foote and Clean by David Sheff - go into different types of treatments that are available. Also just be cautious when looking into treatment centers - some of them look kind of sketchy and just in it for the money. I’m thinking of the ones I always hear about in Florida, I don’t have experience with them but just get bad vibes in general. But if anyone has had a good experience with one of those, that’s awesome.

Sending love! Please keep us updated on progress. :pray::sparkles: