What podcasts have been helpful for you?



Are there any podcasts you’ve found helpful that speak directly to loved ones of people that struggle with addiction?


I was just thinking of posting this question recently. I’m excited to hear what others suggest!


I love The Recovery Show! The podcast uses an Al-anon framework and there are hundreds of episodes so you can search for a topic that’s relevant to you in any given moment. This is an important tool in my toolbox for when I’m feeling anxious or stressed, or if I feel pressed to make a decision about something. I’ll take a walk and listen to an episode and almost always I will hear something that resonates with me and gives me a different way of looking at things. Sometimes it is good to just hear others’ stories and know that I am not alone in my experience.


These podcasts aren’t really recovery based but they do cover topics that have been a huge part of the recovery process for me:

On Being with Krista Tippet
Tara Brach’s podcast (she is a meditation teacher and talks about letting go, being present, loving kindness, compassion, etc.)
Oprah’s super soul conversations
Armchair expert with dax Shepard


@Tlee22 He interviews Johann Hari so that was definitely interesting esp since Dax has some different views on addiction than Johann. Also John Gottman who is an amazing relationship expert - my couples therapist bases her practice on Gottman and we’ve had so much success in learning to communicate and empathize through Gottman practice.


Love Super Soul conversations! I just listened to Armchair Expert for the first time yesterday and am already excited to go back through past episodes. Any favorites?


I listened to Johann Hari’s interview yesterday, he is a brilliant story-teller! I could listen to him speak all day. So I ordered Chasing the Scream today :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendations!


Russell Brand’s podcast (I believe it’s called under the skin), specifically the episodes with Brené Brown and Dr. Gabor Matè.


@Tlee22 you will LOVE chasing the scream :slight_smile: !!