What online meetings and treatment options is your loved one liking?



Love to build a list for the community. Please tell us what’s good out there!


These are all things my S/O has been using successfully. He’s at almost 90 days this week:

Dharma Recovery
Daily readings
Daily contact with AA friends and people in recovery
Art therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Approach rehab facility and practices
Book: The Art of Happiness (not sure of the author)
Russell Brands recovery resources
Including me in the process…we have attend AA/Alanon meetings in conjunction, daily readings, and Recovery Dharma together

BTW this is a person who was in end stage alcoholism. He has been an alcoholic for 30 years. He has lost jobs, friends, family, his spirit and soul, many times in rehab, suicidal at many times, tons of ups and downs over the years. This is his third longest stint with sobriety. There is always hope. Recovery is possible at any stage of addiction. The above things are what have been working this time around. He also says that this time he has had less reservations. He’s accepted that he’s an alcoholic. :heart:


Congrats Jess and thanks for sharing !! :slight_smile: how are you doing this week?