What is your experience with a loved one using while in prison?



Would appreciate to hear any experience you have with a loved one continuing to use while in prison.


I was shocked to learn using in prison is super common. I’ve read that drugs are very easy to come by in prison and if we take the ‘rat park’ experiment - where rats choose to drink drug laced water vs normal water until they die when isolated in horrible cage environments and when they are put in a ‘rat park’ cage environment with all the things to make rats happy (other rats etc.) they choose to drink the non drug laced water.

I think prison is like the first cage example :frowning:


Prison is NOT helpful for addicts. It sets them up for continued failure, it allows them no choice to learn how to do the right thing. My husband was locked up for almost 2 years for drugs and he was clean the entire time he was in, but there were multiple guys there using daily. People bring things in during visits, they find things or have things dropped when they are state workers, they hold their pill calls and take them all at once, its insane. I do feel like someone that cant succeed in prison will have a really hard time when they are out. Not because it is the perfect environment as I just wrote about, but because there are so many rules and checks and people constantly monitoring that I know people can delve into the clean life while in there. My husband did it. But he also was out right at a month and started using again so who knows?