What else to know about Naltrexone?



@erica shares on this post that “Naltrexone blocks the pain relieving effects of opioids & their ability to induce euphoria (which are the factors that contribute to a need or desire for continued use). Research shows that the extended release injectable form of naltrexone (Vivitrol) helps reduce cravings, remain in treatment longer, and helps abstain from opiates.”

Wondering when someone struggling might consider this option, how one might get it from their doctor, and what is the down side/side effects? Anyone have any experience here?


I just got a primer on Vivitrol, which is a brand name for Naltrexone, from a doctor who prescribes it. The kicker is that you have to abstain from all opiates and suboxone for 10 days before getting a dose of Naltrexone, to avoid sudden withdrawal because it kicks off the other drugs from the brain receptors. This period of abstinence is difficult for someone who has an opiate addiction or who is using suboxone, because these drugs are hard to stop suddenly. In fact, someone may need to go through medically supervised detox before starting on Naltrexone. @erica I wanted to share this on the post you wrote about Naltrexone but was not sure how to cross-reference this link. [EDIT: LINKED HERE]

As I understand it, you can get a shot for 30 days at a time of Naltrexone and then you don’t have to rely on the person to comply with daily dosing for suboxone, for instance. The Naltrexone completely blocks the effects of opiates during that time.