What do I do to have my son looked in on?



What do i do i have a son in a different state who is a recovering addict. He has been trying to get on his feet. Lately he has been talking about saying good bye we do not care and so forth and so on. Who can i call to have him checked on??


Hey @Bultmancd! Here is a link to a post about a similar situation that has a lot of tips that could be helpful.

If you are concerned he may be a danger to himself or others you can always call the local police department to have them check on him.

Do you know who any of his friends are where he lives? Or what his support network is like? You could try reaching out to them to check in on him.

I’d also recommend letting him know that you do care and you are there for him and want to help him succeed in recovery and lead a happier healthier life. That you want to be supportive in his change process and that you love him unconditionally.

Please keep us posted, thinking of you.


Agreed with @erica! The local police department could be helpful if there aren’t other people around to help. The local police in my dad’s small town used to drive by my dad’s house just to see if the car was in or not. (I didn’t ask them to do this - haha! - but obviously they would’ve been willing had I asked.)


@Bultmancd any local friends family or allies you could tap into on the ground?


So I have all kinds of amazing connections in many states, if hes been in rehabs, they should have alumni as well. You can reach out to the program he attended and voice your concerns, and you can also call the pd in his town and ask for a well check.
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@Bultmancd let us know what you think here !


I have had this happen with my son. Call the police, they will do a wellness check. They will bring in a crisis prevention team also, if necessary. If you do speak with him and he is talking of harming himself, phone 911.