What can I do about the depression caused by my son dropping me out of his life?


I arranged a meeting with an attorney who would give my son info on legal action to have visitation with my granddaughter, he said he was “too depressed” and “just couldn’t do it.” Since that time, he spends all of his time in a separate room with his fiance and does really speak to me. I have severely depressed. My family has always been my 1st priority, and now, I feel I have nothing. I feel alone, sad, and hopeless. What can I do?


When the mother of my son’s daughter left him for another man, moved into a home close to him, got pregnant, and refuses to allow him visitation, he is not the same man he once was. This family was his focus and priority. As a result, I am deeply depressed and don’t know what to do next. His refusal to go to court to file for visitation, restricts my seeing her as well. I can barely function.


OK. For the third time: I am deeply depressed due to my son’s lack of action to see his daughter, and blocking me out. Barely speaks to me. Does not include me in anything he does. Has become a totally different person from the one I know and, he drinks constantly.