Welcome to The Group Course, let's get to know each other - starting with your why?


Welcome to The Group Course,

Let’s get to know each other, starting with your why: what brings you to We The Village and why have you decided to join The Group Course now?

Asserting why you’re here is like setting your intention for the coming months and when you make your goals clear your motivation makes the work effortless.

I’ll start!
My why is to help every group member facing addiction with the top standard of support and the skills to fight it.

Thanks for being here,


Hi all!! I’m happy to be here and excited to get to know each of you, your story and help support you :blush: My why is because the father of my children and s/o of 12 years struggles with abusing substances. I decided that I need to work on bettering myself and my happiness and stop focusing solely on his using substances. I’m hoping that changing my reactions when feeling anger and resentment will help for more positive communication and eventually motivation for change. When I learned what CRAFT was it was clear to me that I must practice this method and apply it to my life.