WEDNESDAY AUG 14TH - Village Digital Gathering - You are here: Self Care


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14th - Village Digital Gathering - You Are Here: Self Care. RSVP via link HERE!

Hi there :slight_smile: don’t miss the opportunity to gain powerful knowledge, learn and practice fundamental CRAFT skills! A huge value add to your tool-bag. And this week we’re focused on most importantly YOU!

The most important topic is: Y O U. You deserve to thrive, plus you can’t help anyone when depleted. Learn skills to repair your nervous system.

Our perspective, informed by the CRAFT methodology is a little different to what you might have heard. It is uplifting, empowering and inspires action and outcomes you desire for yourself and your loved one. What I’m trying to say is, your thriving doesn’t take away from your helping a loved one, in fact it helps your loved one thrive.

Useful whether they are in active addiction or recovery, it’s a tool to use for life!

Wednesday 14th August @ 6pm EST - join us ONLINE for our group meetup - to share and learn together.

The strategies you’ll learn support our own healing and help us develop greater tolerance for a loved one’s addiction recovery: Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be hard to rest when we’re worrying about a loved one’s addiction or recovery progress. Living in worry for years, wears on our nervous system and that’s why self care as a strategy is so important - not only for our wellbeing but also for our loved one. We deserve to thrive and enjoy our lives! And if that’s not enough to convince you, then remember: we can’t take care of anyone when we’re depleted.

If we don’t take care of ourselves we are in no shape to take care of anyone! Your well-being matters and makes a HUGE difference in your loved one’s recovery! We’ll clear up any reasons not to take care of yourself first and define your role in recovery. We’ll do a reality check for happiness and use our guide to zone in on one area to increase our current state of happiness.

During this meetup we’ll use multiple methods to tap into your self care during the session, you’ll leave feeling a little lighter, with a breath of fresh air.

This one is not to be missed!

See more at link HERE!