Village Digital Gathering #13: Roadmap to Behavior Change - how to intervene and disrupt harmful habits and influence healthy habit formation - Wednesday 17th July @ 6pm EST - details & register via link below!



[TONIGHT] Village Digital Gathering #13: Roadmap to Behavior Change - how to intervene and disrupt harmful habits and influence healthy habit formation - details below & RSVP via link HERE!

Hi there :slight_smile: you don’t want to miss this fundamental CRAFT skill!

Tonight, Wednesday 17th July @ 6pm EST - join us ONLINE for our group meetup - to share and learn together.

This time we’ll cover the next CRAFT Method : Roadmap to Behavior Change - giving you a tool to systematically shift your loved one’s harmful habits. This is useful whether they are in active addiction or recovery, it’s a tool to use for life!

We know it can be hard to discern where to take action and where to let things be. This is the first tool to help you know with confidence where you can effect positive change to see healthier behaviors grow. CRAFT tools build on top of one another so this is a great time to jump in to the curriculum. And as always at each meetup there is ample time for open sharing and support from likeminded peers and coaches.

See the agenda below to know exactly what to expect and get a taste of why this method is so transformational.

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot asap.


Join us from the comfort of your own home via Zoom video / call conference.

Learn skills to shift harmful substance use habits in someone we love.

Join us for a gathering of likeminded peers, also loving someone through addiction. We’ll learn from one another as well as from our group guide Erica, who will teach us Positive Communication skills to take into our relationships.

Erica is not only a licensed mental health counselor with years of experience working in top and pioneering clinics she also has hard-earned personal experience of addiction within her family.

Gain practical tools and the optimism needed to shift roadblocks ahead when a loved one is in the grips of active addiction.

Using the power of the group we learn from each other’s experiences and foster a sense of community and connection.

Why Focus on Behavior Change?

Building on our prior gathering skill of communication we’ll now shift gears into mapping out our knowledge of their using behavior. We know a lot more than we might realize and this knowledge is power to shape healthy change for our loved ones.

We’ll map out what we know using a functional analysis tool to create a roadmap of their using or generally harmful behaviors and we’ll find off and on-ramps where we can intervene in constructive ways.

Agenda -

  • 6.00pm - Welcome and group check in
  • 6.30pm - Roadmap to Behavior Change explained
  • 7.00pm - Open sharing
  • 7.25pm - Session wrap up and next steps

Gathering purpose - a series, where We The Village will:

  1. Hold space for much needed conversation and community around the rollercoaster of loving someone through addiction
  2. As well as guide the group through game-changing tools to use in that relationship to influence healthy behavior change


Your Village Guides

Erica Lubetkin, LMHC,
Village Coach

Erica Lubetkin is a psychotherapist working with individuals and families to manage and navigate the world of addiction. Erica works with clients to learn coping skills and gain deeper meaning and purpose. She received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from the City College of New York and has additional training in behavioral therapies including CRAFT. She is a pioneer in the space and has helped hundreds of Village members in the past year.

Jane Macky, Founder of We The Village

Jane Macky founded Village in 2018 as the brainchild of her own fight to recover her husband’s life from addiction. Jane is trained by Dr. Robert Meyers in his method, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), which is proven in multiple clinical trials to be 70% effective at getting treatment resistant loved ones the help they need. Participated in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGASS) on Drugs in 2016. And holds a Yale BA in Psychology.

Jane is also a certified Yoga teacher in NYC and Meditation teacher, having practiced meditation 2x daily since her husband went to rehab in late 2015. She has a wealth of knowledge of alternative therapies to heal.