Tylenol addiction


I was clean 2 months after my last relapse and it happened again yesterday I feel like I did the last time I relapsed and of course the withdrawal symptoms came back with a force, I took 9 of the extra strength kind and I relapses while in a manic state and im craving it so much RN. Any tips for stopping cravings??


Good morning! Most importantly, each relapse is not a failure but a lesson. Relapses are often times an opportunity to go back to the drawing board, assess triggers, and develop a “plan of attack” if you will for the next time such a potential relapse should arise. I’m not sure how familiar you are with recovery programs, but addiction is addiction, should it be OTC medications or alcohol and narcotics. I was taught in treatment that there are no “cravings,” only a mental obsession for one’s drug of choice. Spiritual maladies lead to obsession, then sprees (or relapses) which lead to firm resolutions to stop. Firm resolutions will fail leading back to the spiritual maladies or root causes at hand. Until a psychic change occurs between firm resolutions and spiritual malady, the cycle will continue. Spiritual maladies are that feeling deep inside you that something isn’t right. One’s life may be filled with resentments, isolation from loved ones, repetitive wrong doing in life towards others we love, etc. Until one’s internal struggles and/or pain is addressed, this cycle of addiction could possibly continue inevitably. I was able to achieve my psychic change breaking my cycle of addiction to alcohol and substance abuse through a 12 step program with a sponsor. In treatment we were taught that the 12 step methodology can be applied to everyone no matter what their addictions may be. Ultimately, there are no external triggers, only internal triggers. If one is healthy internally, nothing externally can change or alter that anymore with the use of a 12 step program. Should this concept be too overwhelming for you, I would advise seeking out a support group in your area for addiction. There is “safety in numbers,” and you will find that most everyone battling addiction battle under the same circumstances as you. I am also here, along with the other members of this outstanding community, to assist in any way possible! Sending strength and prayers your way!


I never thought of it that way before, I guess for me it was the wanting to feel numb and I obsess over that, thanks a lot I have been feeling better recently and today I wanted to feel that again and almost relapsed again but I saw this and idk it makes me feel a lot better in a way and idk for that Im thankful, maybe I will get into a program there is a group at my church and maybe I’ll do that, thank you!!


@Gimmiefood we’re behind you on this! Love to hear how you get on with it <3
Thanks for the wisdom @Jaywalker


@Gimmiefood anytime! I’m happy to offer some relief. A church group is an excellent resource to seek out. Take your time, and as we say in A.A., “Easy does it.” Feel free to check in and let us know not just your setbacks, but your successes as well. Too often we focus only on the negative. Celebrate the positives as well, and feel free to seek out the resources that The Village provides. We’re behind you 100 percent!