Told to breakup while in out patient



Hi! I’m wondering if others have experienced this- my boyfriend has been in rehab for 3 months in a different state and now is living in sober living. He would always reassure me we would never break up and that that would be too painful for him. Since he’s now been in outpatient he kinda became robotic and said he doesn’t want to break up but he needs to to focus on recovery, I agree but it hurts after putting so much into this relationship… He said the future freaks him out too much and worries a lot about everything so his therapists believehe shouldn’t be in a relationship. I have healing to do too and need to detach. I go to NAR ANON meetings but not many since his rehab- I’m more than ready to focus on myself but im so lost in how to feel? I wonder if people get back together after rehab? I know nothing is set in stone and I want his recovery it’s just hard to imagine never seeing his family or having the future we planned. Just wondering if others have had this happen? Just needing some support - we still talk but I’m trying to be less emotional- I’m not sure just to cut all communication? my heart will always be full for him and I hope he finds the love for himself, it’s just so hard to be told to move on when us as the loved ones want to see them not suffering.
Thank you for your time!


Dear @Kaito7 only you and your person know if your relationship is for “on” - and only you know if you can continue.
A person in rehab may need to cast everything to the wind to help him/herself to improve their future. you may or may not be in it. I am a mom, and I don’t know if I am in the “in” catagory or not.-so believe me- it’s different for everyone. What I can suggest, is that you consider CRAFT methodology as you muddle through the opportunities to engage.