Thoughts / experience with ibogaine therapy for drug addiction?


I’ve heard some very compelling personal reports and MD research into ibogaine as a treatment to overcome addiction - particularly but not just limited to opiate addiction.


For someone who doesn’t know what ibogaine is (me :raising_hand_woman:) can you share the basics? Ibogaine 101, if you will…


Yeah I’m curious about this too, never heard of this


Here’s some brief information on Ibogaine (I do not have any personal experience):

  • It’s a natural psychoactive substance found in plants
  • Today, it is illegal in the US and considered a Schedule 1 drug (substances the federal government deems having high potentials for abuse and no culturally accepted medical use), but is available in other countries
  • It is used to treat opioid addiction as well as other highly addictive substances, and has been used for personal and spiritual development
  • Recreational use is basically non-existent It is used in non-clinical settings when treating addiction due to it being a Schedule 1 drug
  • It has been known to greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings

If you are considering this PLEASE do your research. I’m not an MD and have never worked with Ibogaine so this is just meant to provide a bit of information. Speak with healthcare professionals if this is something you are looking into!


Thanks so much for sharing @erica! I’d literally never heard of this before so this is helpful.