The ball dropped. Police were called. SO is receiving help. Now what?


This is my first post. My husband “forced” me to call 911 the other night because it was that I stay with the kids and call 911 or that I leave. He’s black out (according to him) drunk.

I called 911. Now he was forced into AA, anger management, short detox, and possible 28 day rehab.

I feel lost. I don’t even know where to start.


Sounds like he is getting all he needs.
Take good care of yourself and all the best. :heart:


This is a good starting place. Al Anon might be helpful new, they were always super welcoming to new members. I don’t have much other experience or answers, but I hope your family can get through this. The only way out is through.


Yes! Did you see our Instagram today!? Same reminder!


Welcome here @JWallgren. I’m so glad you feel safe sharing this confusing time with us.

I relate with you very closely. Nearly 2 years ago now, my dad wandered to his neighbors while he was hallucinating, saying some really weird stuff, and they called the cops on/for him. This was the second time the cops had picked him up, and this time they helped me get him (/force him) into rehab. He did a 30 day inpatient program.

I kept a journal during that time because everyday was a rollercoaster (which I would recommend to you, too - it helps keep the days and emotions and facts straight).

At first he was confused, then adamant that he shouldn’t be there, then “OK I know I need rehab, but can we find a nicer one?” then accepting of the program he was where he found sobriety, motivation, & community. But, it was the craziest freaking time! I know the specifics are different in our stories, but I totally relate to your feeling of lost.

Something I wish I had taken more seriously at the time was my own well-being. I would drop everything to pick up a phone call from the center, juggled my work and dad’s business, driving several hours each way once or twice a week, etc. ALL of which I would do again because the program was really beneficial to him (even if he was coaxed into it against his will, kinda) and because I care about him - but in reflection, I would prioritize 8 hours of sleep and ‘do not disturb’ on my phone. And I’d probably drink more water.

I hope these reflections/suggestions don’t sound trite in the midst of what I imagine is a very scary and lonely and confusing time for you and your family, because honestly these little acts of kindness toward myself would’ve helped ten-fold.

Please let me know what you think! I want to help carry your weight, if you’ll let me. :hugs: