Thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving! And what are you thankful for?


Thank you for being with us here - it is brave to stand by a loved one through addiction and that’s what makes my job so easy to do here every day because I know how hard you work each day for your loved one.

Our mission at We The Village is to bring you the best skills and support available to make your journey easier and make it possible to help a loved one heal from addiction. The recovery journey can be rocky but with the right skills and support it gets easier. We’re here with you every step of the way :heart:

Will you share with us, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


I’ve become more aware, because of the advocacy work I do, of what a privileged life I lead, with a higher standard of living than most of the world.

I am grateful for all the simple things I take for granted, like clean air and water and plenty of food! I’m also grateful for the love of my family and friends.



Thanks for sharing @Julie_Smith - thankful for you :heart: