Rehabs that take patients without insurance?



Do you happen to have a list of rehabilitation centers (my son’s substance of abuse is alcohol) that take patients who do not have insurance? That’s the hardest part to deal with is how to get help for my son who will be discharged from the hospital soon - with no plan for rehab. I lost a son to a heroin overdose in 2016 - which was the catalyst for my younger son to embark on his spiral down. The aftermath of one person’s death spills over in so many ways that are often times overlooked.

Any state but we live in SC. I just can’t stand to lose another child. They are talking about discharging him from the hospital tomorrow since he is medically stable … he does not have a home and he has no money or vehicle. It’s just a recipe for disaster and losing ground he just made sober for 6 days in patient.

He has heard of foundations to help with the cost of first month of rehab and then some allow you to work for your monthly cost after that. He is willing to do that but we need help putting him in [the first] month if there is a work program that he could participate in.

Thank you.


The most widely used resource is SAMHSA National Treatment Finder. On this site you can call the Helpline and get help with referrals. When you call looking for help finding treatment without insurance they will most likely provide you with a list of individual state offices who are responsible for state-funded programs. For your convenience I’ve added the link for Directory of Single State Agencies (SSA) for Substance Abuse Services . Once you get in touch with your state’s office you can provide information that they will need to make sure your son meets certain requirements to qualify for state funded treatment. Some of these requirements include a demonstrated lack of income or addiction status and/or need for intervention.

Unfortunately, these treatment facilities tend to have long waitlists, and this can be a barrier to engaging in treatment. When you call your state office I’d recommend asking for a few treatment options that may offer scholarship programs or sliding scale and go from there. If there is a waitlist and you’re willing to wait, look into local community resources (AA is free, for example) that can help keep your loved one motivated to remain sober. The great news is that he has a few days of stability on his side to help motivate him to get into treatment. I feel for you, this is an all too common question and I wonder how other people have navigated this scenario, please feel free to share!

Wishing you the best, and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


My son was hard core heroin ten years. He finally found recovery at this site which is peer run and your son does not need any insurance. Please call and if there is a waiting list, they can recommend where he can go from there. Meanwhile, praying for you as I lost a son, too.


Not being negative at all …, but because of the epidemic of opioids right now there is a lot of help for those addicted to them. Alcohol might be another story. I’m praying you find something very soon. My son and I just searched and searched. He finally had a connect. It’s not easy and he and I have discussed the difficulties and how it would be so hard for an addict. We live in Alabama. He is the first one on this particular new program. ( Federally Funded). Don’t give up and vent when you are frustrated! #thepathisrough


Thank you for sharing this resource, @Michele_B!