Recommendation request: Inpatient options that take insurance in Southern Ohio? And can they make her stay?



“My sister has been on drugs for a good 10 years now - heroin, coke - is there a rehab we can put her in that is inpatient and where she can’t run away from it?
And that takes insurance in the southern Ohio area?”

*Posting on behalf of a Village Community member


Assuming that your sister is over 18 years old, nobody can make her go to or stay at a rehab facility. That being said, if she wants to try rehab, I would highly recommend “A Forever Recovery” in Battlecreek Michigan. I know they take insurance, but not sure which ones. You could call to find out. This program gives the patient some assistance through withdrawal and offers 3 or so different tracts for recovery. They can explain it better. She could choose which method she likes best though. I know this isn’t in southern Ohio like you requested, but it might just be worth the drive.
I wish you the best!


In Ohio there is Casey’s law where you can take her court and make her go to rehab. Other than that they can’t make her stay. There are a lot of good rehabs in Southern Ohio. There is also a good one in Columbus called Ohio Recovery Center, my husband went there. They took our insurance.