Question for The Village re the course


Hello Jane and co, I would like to sign up for the course but I wasn’t sure how it would work with time differences for the coaching sessions. I live in New Zealand so I’m curious to know how that would work?
Thank you!


Hi Bridget,
That’s amazing (I’m from New Zealand - in case you didn’t know!)

If you’re opting into the Private Course we’ll coordinate your weekly sessions with your Coach and find a good cross-over point for both of you. Which may be best for scheduling to your needs.

For the group, it currently meets Saturdays at 3pm-4pm EST which would be your Sunday at 7am. But as the group and seasons change we can consider times that are best for members so if you share with me your certain day/times availabilities I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Feel free to message me directly here to coordinate more directly!
All my very best,


Jane did you receive my message?? I messaged you directly via the link above but I’m not sure if I need to provide an email address for you to respond to? Sorry to hurry you! I just wasn’t sure if my message had reached you.