Need communication while my husband is in rehab, how to cope with feeling so disconnected?



My husbands been in rehab for alcohol addiction for 2 weeks, I am beyond frustrated that we can’t talk in private on the phone, the rehab is not communicating with me and I feel so disconnected?


Thanks for being here with us @Erin2 I recall when my husband was in rehab and we could talk only briefly and then he was so focused on his recovery he didn’t want to talk all that often. It was so hard because I’d been the one beside him through everything and this is exactly where I wanted him to be, but I felt left out and like - where’s my relaxation getaway to restore myself?

While they’re in treatment focusing every ounce of energy on recovering, it’s the perfect time to focus in on ourselves. Our program is designed for people like you who are in relationship with someone in addiction or recovery, now would be the perfect time to dive in.

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