My husband is using cocaine and other drugs, but I don't believe it's my fault?



Hi my husband has recently started mixing cocaine and Xanax together which worries me a lot. Been together 12 years married 4 and he has always done drugs since I met him. He is a social user for cocaine and does it the weekends and get Xanax as well. During the week his mood is so down and he snaps easily then apologises 10 mins later. He said tonight after I was upset again and said I was leaving that he was no longer happy and it’s best I do leave, yet last week thanked me for continuing to have a go at him when he does it and it’s slowly working but it’s not. He has a really good job and is the best person ever when he isn’t on it and on a comedown. I don’t believe it is my fault that he is taking it as he was doing it when I met him so I’m not sure what to do. Iv asked him to get help and he refusing tonight and said he won’t stop drugs make him happy. I love him and don’t want to lose him but if he isn’t happy with me then ok but I don’t believe I’m the reason as he has always done it. I just don’t want to find him dead some day


Hi @Cat2022 thanks for sharing what you’ve been going through with us here. Sorry for the delayed reply! We are not responsible for their use. Like any habit, it can be hard to change, and when it comes to substances it can be even harder because of the way they make people feel so intensely and a dependence can be created. We can influence a shift towards healthy behaviors over time, and change and healing can happen slowly. I’m wondering how things are going today?