My husband is about to go to rehab for 5 months - how to cope with negative feelings?



This is the 3rd time he went to rehab this year. The first time he went for 2 weeks, the second time, he went for a month. How to cope with the negative feelings of being alone for 5 months? The thought of him gone for that long is making me feel broken but I know it’s going to be good in the long run.


Wow @Shell, this is a lot of rehab in one year and a lot to take in for anyone. Too bad it’s not the quick fix we thought it might be “like in the movies.” Oh well, one thing you can do during this time when you’ll have some time to take care of yourself, is to gird yourself with new skills. I recommend you consider taking the COURSE. I did it and it provided me with a small peer group of wonderful, caring people. I looked forward to learning and seeing them each week. I feel like I have more insight to how to manage with this now. And, :heart: you’re not alone- you can really fill up your life with great and sustaining hopefulness and find clarity and some peace of mind. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Hi @Shell - glad to have you with us here!
Wow a 5 month rehab! I can really empathize with how tough that could feel. I also can see the flip-side in that it’s so amazing that he’ll be given a really good shot at getting so much needed healing in. Research shows that the brain heals from addiction 50% in the first 6 months so it really is going to take him through so much of the hard early recovery work.

I agree with @Thinkstet, now would be the perfect time to join us in the Group Course. It comes with weekly lessons and a weekly Coach-facilitated Group meeting and the program spans 3 months and leaves you with a complete toolkit to journey through addiction recovery with a loved one. And it’s proven in multiple clinical trials to work!

So, if you’re interested, we have our next Group Course beginning Wednesday March 17th, and running Wednesdays 6-7pm EST for 12 weeks. Love to have you with us, sign up HERE


Thanks so much @Thinkstet :slight_smile: <3


I agree with @Jane - how amazing it is that he’s able to take this time to heal. While it might be discouraging to be going to rehab multiple times, I’ve learned through this whole process that recovery is not linear. There will be slips and setbacks, but each time, we come back stronger.

When I am struggling with negative feelings, I ground myself in the present moment by practicing gratitude. What is it right now that I can be grateful for? A roof over my head? A hot cup of coffee in the morning? The sky? Time to myself to focus on my own healing?

While your husband takes this time to heal, be sure to take care of yourself, too. Reach out to your network for support. Schedule time to do things you’ve always wanted to but never had time to do. And yes, please consider taking the Course.