Might sound strange, but any gratitude or silver linings about loving someone through addiction to share?


Though loving someone through addiction is chaotic and can be unmanageable, have there been any silver linings throughout the experience? We know that being grateful and positive helps our own sanity. However small or big, we’d love to hear yours.

A top of mind one for me has been learning just how much empathy I can have toward another person.


I am yet to find any.


The capacity I have to care and have compassion for another human being - not my flesh and blood.


I’m so sorry. I do know how you feel. There are brief moments that I cherish. When he begins the journey to sobriety, he ask me for forgiveness and is very humble. This has happened a couple of times. He tells me it kills him to hurt those he loves but the addiction is so much bigger.


My immediate family relationships are much stronger and we are happier because of this demon addiction, strange as that sounds. I think we realize how precious our moments together are, and that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Would I choose to go down this path? No. Also, my loved one is very much alive and seems to be on a good path - we take it day by day. I am so sorry for so many thousands of lives lost to addiction.


I have anxiety and it can get pretty bad especially with dating a recovering heroin/opiate addict. I have learned to let go of control and learn to love without enabling. It has always been something I’ve struggled with even before I met my boyfriend. He’s helped me overcome some pretty big hurdles in terms of my own personal mental health and I thank him for that. Still learning though!


I have become a better listener and friend learning to love without attachment or expectations but to just love and be there for someone. I have learned to look from many perspectives at a situation and to be still and calm and to know it is okay to not have all the answers. Sometimes just listening or being with a person so they are not alone.