Looking for medicinal help sleeping for a friend post addiction to benzos, does anyone have anything that they/their loved ones have tried thats worked effectively?


Five months after stopping benzos, my friend is still experiencing a huge difficulty sleeping even with the help of amyltriptamine and this is causing a great deal of depression and some suicidal thinking.

The root of this seems to be linked with sleep deprivation as waiting is healthy, meditation, yoga and exercise practiced as much as possible (5/6 days a week)…

Any recommendations?


For my husband (with past cocaine struggles - was also very depressed for the first 6months in recovery) he had a terrible time sleeping for the past 3 years in recovery. Finally feeling like it’s getting back to a good level set - took moving parkside (green nature) and being woken up by the sun (light window shades.)

We tried all sorts of things. He refused prescription sleep meds since he wanted to try get his brain balanced without medications. Did try melatonin tablets, magnesium, benadryl, CBD.

He liked CBD more recently but goes thru it too fast fast.

I think over time developing bedtime rituals have helped - hot cocoa, warm showers, no serious conversation late at night etc.

Please let us know how you get on and what winds up working!


Wow! How did you even get your husband to start working towards recovery with cocaine? My husband is a crack addict.


Melatonin can work wonders. Have you tried this? Not sure if marijuana is legal in your state but this is also beneficial in helping with sleep depending on the strain you get.


What kind of CBD oil was he taking Polly? With CBD oil, less is more. Also, the quality of the CBD oil plays an important role. Good CBD oil should have no more than 3 ingredients