Join this Wednesday for our Weekly Digital Topic Meetup: Communication for Connection



We’re back with our weekly meetups! Learn skills to support your loved one in addiction or recovery.

The first step to positive change is connection, and in order to connect we need to communicate. It’s a foundational force for change.

Join us TONIGHT this Wednesday January 29th at 6pm EST to learn communication tips proven to help you re-build connection and get through to your loved one. RSVP HERE.

Also, since we’re kicking back off from the beginning, now’s the perfect time to grab our January offer to join the 9-topic series that makes up the Village Core Curriculum with 20% Member Discount when you grab the 9-pack bundle HERE. You’ll join us for 9 weekly group topic meetups hosted online. Learn the evidence-based Core Curriculum, ask professionals questions and hear from others going through exactly your journey.

9-pack or not, join us this week to make healthy changes for you and your loved one in 2020!

Talk soon,

P.S. Check if you’re eligible HERE for our NIDA funded research study, which gives you 12 weeks of support at no cost to you.