Is anyone experienced with their partners going through lethargy and being depressed?


after researching on so many different possible outcome I drew a conclusion that my boyfriend has lethargy? All of the situation makes me so sad and some days i feel depressed because I cannot get him to give me the love and support I ask for no matter what I try do or say. Emotionally he is not connected to me that what scares me the most


Hi @Rossann93, it takes a long time for the brain to heal after addiction. Now might be the perfect time for you to rediscover hobbies you love and reengage with other friendships and family support from people who have the capacity to give love and care for you. Not to detract from your relationship with your boyfriend, just to keep building you up so you can sustain the relationship with him and support he needs in recovery right now. What do you think? <3


YES! I’m currently in the same boat. It makes me slightly nervous because the lethargy in recovery so closely “mirrors” the lethargy in addiction and I’ve REALLY needed to check myself and my responses… the “old” responses would be sheer frustration and resentment, whereas now I know I need to lead with compassion and the awareness that his poor body is in dire need of repair and rejuvenation. That’d make ANYONE tired!
So this is when I just continue to focus on my own goals, my friends, my kiddos, my work and my own rest.
I do wish I could connect with him more and I do have needs that he just cannot meet right now, that only a partner can provide. But one-day-at-a-time I’m learning to get those needs met in other ways and pray for the rest.
Sending loving thoughts to you.


Sounds greet, I have been thinking to do the same lately just find it alittle hard to cope with my emotions when I cant have the same conversations and do the same things as we use to. Also a new mom