I have known forever that my husband is an avid weed smoker but just found out that he is smoking crack. Where do I go from here?



My husband is falling behind on bills and I believe he is doing it while he is watching my 11 year old son.


Thanks for sharing here @Tara_Connelly_Cannon.

Wondering, what have your conversations with your husband been like on this topic so far and do you have a particular goal in mind at this point?

Sending <3



I have spoken with my husband. I approached the conversation with love. He told me that he has been trying to figure out how to tell me had has a problem for a while. He has reached out for help and so have I. I am trying to figure out how I missed the signs.



@Tara_Connelly_Cannon sounds like a relief to now be talking about it?
Sending <3


Hi Tara, this sounds like a tough time. I hope you find hope, strength, & guidance here. Wishing you well!


I’m sorry to hear this. How are you doing today? Have you tried having a conversation with him about this? I would also reach out to a local Al-Anon group if you can to get some support. The village community is also a great resource - coaching sessions with @erica, village gatherings, and the discussions here. They are all really helpful for me when I’m feeling really low.

It’s been about a week since you posted, how are you doing today?


Thank you for the support. I sat down with my husband last Sunday. I told that I knew about his habit and how it made me feel. I told him I would support him totally in his recovery so long as he got help. He told me he has been struggling for a while, trying to find away to tell me. He has reached out for help and I have reached out for support as well. I am hopeful but weary, there have been so many lies. His has had his habit for way longer than I suspected. I keep asking myself how I missed it.


Sounds like you were able to open up to one another @Tara_Connelly_Cannon thanks so much for sharing with us. How are things going this week so far?
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When I try and have a conversation with my partner about their alcohol abuse I get shut down. They try and make me feel badly and that by me bringing it up is a trigger. Or they just flat out deny and then dont want to interact. I’m lost in all of this and it’s been going on for years.


We are talking to each other and have both signed up for counseling. I’m finding that he gets into moods where he fixates on something and he gets so angry. Last night he was ready to kick my daughter’s boyfriend’s butt cause he opened his coffee. He literally can’t let it go. Last night I took my son and left to a friends do we didn’t have deal with his anger. Is this normal with withdrawal? I want to support him but not get pulled into an endless argument.


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