How to support parent who is drinking?



We’ve been spending a lot of time with my parents due to the pandemic, and one of them is drinking excessively. When we said something, they’re now sneaking drinks. I know that this is NOT mine to fix, but would love thoughts on what to say to help them even acknowledge the issue


I’ve been there. I know what I’ve been told to do. Can’t say I followed the advice. But a few things that may be helpful:

  • talk to them when they’re sober, if possible
  • come from a place of love and compassion
  • know that they might not react well
  • ultimately remember that what you CAN do, is work on how YOU feel about them drinking a lot because like you said, its not your issue to fix

I make a lot of emotional mistakes with this with my parent. And chances are, they probably know they’re drinking too much but admitting it would be too close to having a problem. In the past I’ve tried asking them what they think of how much is in their glass or how many times they go to the liquor store. Or mentioning how it affects me to see them like that.

But in the end, at least so far, I can only do for me. And i will drive myself back to my own addiction if I keep trying to force my program onto this parent.

Best of luck to you. Its not easy but it is survivable.


I’m currently listening the audible book Beyond addiction. I find it informative and helpful. Reaching out here is also a good start!!