How to support my partner through Suboxone and Oxy withdrawal post surgery?



My boyfriend was in recovery from heroin/opioid use for the last 6 months. On 6/1 he broke his arm in two places and required surgery. I let all the healthcare providers know he was on Suboxone and please not use opioids if possible. They gave him fentanol, ketamine and a nerve block. He stayed overnight in the hospital and was discharged after surgery. They prescribed 10mg oxy, 30 pills. Those lasted from the evening of 6/2 to 3pm 6/6. The prescription was reissued for 10mg oxy and 40 pills. Those lasted from 3pm 6/6 to 5:30 am 6/10. He is now in withdrawal. What am I supposed to do?


Is he willing to get back into recovery? How’s he doing? So sorry this happened.